Pitch Stratford Review

I got into the lift of the shopping centre, excited to catch up with everyone at the @ADWAIZ influencer event, and reached the rooftop.  It was busy, the music was playing, but I couldn’t spot anyone I recognised.  After about ten minutes of wandering round like a lost puppy sniffing out the scent of good food I got a text from a fellow foodie.  I was in the wrong bloody place.  Well done Fern.


Fast forward ten minutes and I arrived at the ACTUAL Pitch Stratford where, to my delight, I got ID’d upon arrival.  I asked why I needed an ID and when he told me it was because he thought I looked about 16 I realised that I was officially a participant of adult life; it’s been a while since someone disputed the idea that I’m turning 24 next month unless it’s because they think I’m older.  Joy.


Anyway, I walked into this oasis of multi-coloured marvel (I call it an oasis because a watering hole it was indeed… More on that later), and felt like it was a much-welcomed change from my usual Friday evening haunts swaying around shitfaced in the middle of a Mayfair club, although to be honest, old habits die hard and I still ended up in Maddox completely smashed until 5am.  Back to Pitch, since that’s the part of the evening I actually can remember.  Jesus I go off track easily.  So, Pitch is this really cool open-air hang out within walking distance from Stratford tube where you can grab street food, drinks and even catch a movie at their outdoor cinema that opens every Wednesday and Sunday evening.  Unfortunately, there was no film screening at our influencer event but I’m really keen to go back and snuggle up on a bean bag with a pair of wireless headphones and a glass of wine one evening before the weather gets so cold that my rosé is at risk of turning into a frosé.

The food.  THE FOOD.  Oh God I liked the food at Pitch.  I went for the Gyoza Guys first, given that I’d heard such good things, and their #NoSharing tagline is definitely well-informed.  Ain’t no way I was gonna be sharing those babies.  I had the prawn, shrimp and crab dumplings which were to DIE FOR, whilst veggie @imiellen rated the shitake mushroom, spinach and water chestnut ones.  I have seen so much content posted on these guys and literally everyone loves them.  Half of London can’t be wrong, so go to Pitch and get in on the action.


I also got my hands on a ridiculously delicious Brazilian style hot dog topped with slow-cooked beef from Ticos.

This hot dog was honestly something else… I think I must have inhaled the entire thing in about 30 seconds flat, bar the quick 2 minute photoshoot courtesy of @LondonFoodBoy that promptly knocked me a solid 5 points down the respect rankings with my parents.

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 07.48.52Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 07.49.13
Me after not seeing them for a month: ‘Guys! I missed you! Have you been following my food adventures?!’

Moody Mum and Disappointed Dad: ‘Yes, stop acting like a hoe on the internet Fern.’


I know you guys get me and my humour, but I feel like this is a good opportunity to point out, for the peace of mind of my mother and father, and actually also those of you who don’t really know me, that I do not in fact have a sausage in my mouth every Saturday night, be that literal or metaphorical.  I’ll leave that open to interpretation as to how I feel about that.


Moving on, the last dish I wanted to give a shout out to is the cheese balls from Kalimera, who label themselves as ‘Extra Virgin Greek Food’.  Didn’t think this would be for me given what a hoebag I am (I joke, I joke, Mum I know you are reading this wanting to kill me and the sense of humour you and Dad raised me with but that means that it’s technically your fault), but these balls were just so good (MUM HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO IGNORE THE AMOUNT OF PUNS AVAILABLE HERE?!).  They describe them on the menu as ‘Greek cheese croquettes with pesto sauce’ and to be honest with you, by the time I ate these I was about 5 vodka soda limes down so I can’t tell you whether they were feta or halloumi or what, but what I can tell you is that they were freakin’ fabulous.  I couldn’t stop eating them, it tasted like they had been sent down from Heaven by the Lord Cheesus himself.


So basically, my Friday night at Pitch was full of great people, great food and a fair few great alcoholic beverages.  It put me in such a good mood that I didn’t want to go home, hence my 5am effort to keep the night going (shout out to @ciinderellab, @mathiaslefevre and @whatmaxdid (who knows, none of us really remember) for being team players).


Like I said, I’m super keen to go back for a much tamer movie night and suggest you check it out too! (Psst… If you’re a member of The Nudge like I am, I’ve spotted that they have an EPIC deal on at the moment at Pitch.  2 cinema tickets, £25 to spend on food and a free jug of cocktails for only £25, which would normally cost you £60!)  Now I’m sure I don’t need to Pitch that sale to you, do I now…

Check out timings and movie listings at https://www.pitchstratford.com/whats-on/


Instagram: pitch_stratford


Twitter: pitch_stratford


Facebook: facebook.com/pitchstratford




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