Potato Project Review

Potayyyto, Potahhhhhto, it’s all the same shit, yeah?  Well no, not if you’re planning on heading to Soho and tucking in at Potato Project.

Now I’m not going to lie, I got this invite and was a bit like okayyyy, a restaurant that only serves baked potatoes… I would never order a baked potato in a restaurant, nor would I cook one at home, and I think that most of these places that decide to specialise in a certain dish cooked a thousand different ways are just five-minute wonders.  Fast forward past my prejudices and the only five-minute wonder going on was the one inside my mouth once I was a total baked potato convert.

So as per usual when dining with @ADWAIZ, we were absolutely obliterated with dishes.  The humble potato had been jacked up, and all of a spudden (sorry I am fully aware how crap that pun is) my interest in what I had previously seen as a meal from my primary school nightmares, was very much spiked.  These potatoes were things of beauty, I’m telling you.

We had 3 different baked sweet potato dishes and 4 normal baked potato dishes.  I’m not going to make you sit here for an hour reading a paragraph about each one, so instead I’ll give you a quick summary about each and hope that you trust me on this one and that the photos speak for themselves.

1. Sweet potato with Thai chicken, coconut and lime curry (Halal)


This was our first dish and probably actually remained as my favourite by the time we finished.  I would never think of putting chicken on a baked potato, and the curry was so delicious in its own right.  It was fragrant and flavoursome, with a perfect amount of heat so as not to overbear the delicate flavours at hand.


2. Sweet potato with mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes and pesto


Come on, what’s not to love here? This was the favourite for a fair few of the influencers and I don’t think it needs much explaining why.  Everyone knows these flavours are a dream together.

3. Sweet potato with Malaysian vegetable curry

I was surprised by this… It doesn’t matter how many times I eat a veggie dish and find it delicious, my prejudices will remain.  The flavours were good and the heat was there… I wouldn’t be disappointed or feel like I was missing out on a meat feast if I was offered this as the only option.


4. Jacket potato with smoked ham hock, pesto mayo, sun-dried tomato and melted mozzarella


This was nice, I mean you can’t go too wrong with ham, pesto, mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes, can you?  It was basically like number 2. but on a normal potato and with ham.  Nothing special in my opinion.


5. Jacket potato with tuna mayonnaise, roasted corn and pickled red onion


Tuna mayo sandwich on a potato.  Could have done with a bit more mayo personally but then again I’m admittedly probably a bit saucier than most.


6. Jacket potato with black beans, lime guacamole and corn salsa


So this was the only vegan option we tried, and it was pretty nice.  Again, nothing standout for me although I did particularly enjoy the limey guac.  The veggie of the table @thelittlelondonfoodie was a fan so I guess that’s a good sign.


7. Jacket potato with autumn wild mushrooms, spinach, blue cheese and truffle oil


Cue food bloggers gone wild over the daddy of all potatoes.  I think truffle excites most of us, but I reckon at least half the table named this bad boy as their prime potato of the night.  I love that wild mushrooms are used, as they are obviously more flavoursome, and I’m glad to report back that the truffle flavour came through well.  So often a dish arrives and it smells like I’m a pig in a truffle pit (I am a pig but I’m yet to go on a truffle digging experience although it’s on the list), but then when you put it in your mouth you’re like WTF where did the truffle go?  Not here kids, this truffle was singing loud and clear.  My one criticism would be that it was quite heavy on the salt.  I’m a big salt fan but this was probably at the top end of even my own salty scale.  One thing I did love about all the other dishes was the rock salt that had been sprinkled on top, but I feel like maybe they had also sprinkled some on this dish which made for a bit of a salt overload given the natural saltiness of blue cheese that was already pretty prominent.


We also tried the ‘half loaded avocado’ and the ‘sweet potato hummus with pear’ side dishes which were quite nice, not that I think you’d have room for them after you’ve polished off the enormity of these big ass potatoes.


Last little side note is that I really noticed how crispy the skins were on all of these potatoes, which is probably unsurprising given that founder Ksenia explained to me how after the original plan for 27 Noel Street to be a wine bar fell through, they decided to create a restaurant celebrating the humble potato in all its glory, instead of always being the side chick in the form of mash or chips.  Somehow, despite all of the epic toppings on offer, the potato still managed to shine given the fluffiness of the inside (unsurprisingly the sweet potato more so than the normal potato) and the crispiness of the skin I just mentioned.  Job well done.  Ksenia will also let you mix and match whatever potato and toppings you want in store, cause she’s nice like that and just wants you to live in a potatoey paradise.


If you are too much of a couch potato to get your lazy ass up and off to 27 Noel Street or BoxPARK Croydon, fear not because you can get these perfect potatoes couriered straight to your front door with Deliveroo.


+44 (0)20 3620 1585

The Potato Project
27 Noel Street

Opening Times
10am – 6pm
Monday – Friday



BoxPARK Croydon

99 George Street
Unit 30Croydon

Opening Times
10am – 6pm
Monday – Friday








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