Tarshish Review

After my visit to The Banc taught me to push my central London prejudices aside, I was very happy when I received an invitation to discover what their sister restaurant Tarshish had to offer.  Tarshish is a Turkish and Mediterranean, halal-friendly grill located in north London, just a 2 minute walk from Turnpike Lane tube station… Trust me, you won’t miss it, it sticks out like a sore thumb from Wood Green High St in all the best ways.  The minute I walked inside I felt like I was back in my central comfort zone; this place is modern, sharp, elegant and HUGE.  With 300 covers over 2 floors, I was slightly sceptical about how a relatively new restaurant of this size was going to deal with service and quality of food, but low and behold my doubts were soon silenced.


We ordered pretty much every starter on the menu (of course) and my standout dishes were definitely the succulent, juicy prawns in a spicy tomato and red pepper sauce and the charcoal grilled halloumi served with a green fig jam.  I can’t say there was a single starter I tried that I didn’t enjoy and you HAVE to order a few of their vegetarian dips, if not for the deliciousness they own in their own right, then for the pitta served with them that had this really great chargrilled taste to it.





NB: My inner fussy calamari Queen gave the green flag to the generous portion served up at Tarshish.  The squid was tender and the batter, most importantly, was light, crunchy and dry… Juuuuuuust how I like it. Thumbs up from Fern.


Now, onto my main, which really was the main attraction, and is what I’ve been excited to get to whilst writing everything leading up to this.  The starters were great, but I would say they were definitely the warm up act for the biggest, juiciest, most flavoursome wagyu rib-eye that I’ve had in a long time.  I thought the T-Bone at sister restaurant The Banc was good, but this just blew it out of the water… Maybe because here at Tarshish the meats are grilled over hot coal which gives such depth to the flavour.  Ringing in at a mere £39, compared to Goodman’s £25/100g, the 20 minute tube ride out to north London from my central abode was worth it, if only for this wagyu steak that more than satisfied my inner bargain hunter.




Desserts.  DESSERTS!!!!! I’m not even going to bother with any other desserts on the menu other than the two that you absolutely, categorically MUST order if you head over to Tarshish.  Firstly, the Tarshish Kadayif was beauuuuutttttt. The menu describes this glorious dish as ‘a double layer of shredded filo pastry with a delicious filling of pistachio and red cream. Served with sugar syrup’, but in fact the reality was even better.  The ‘red cream’ was actually rose flavoured, and the ‘sugar syrup’ was rose water which infused the most beautiful, floral, aromatic flavour into the pastry.  Why they don’t highlight these gorgeous flavours on the menu as opposed to using the generic ‘red’ and ‘syrup’ as adjectives is beyond me.


Anyway, the other dessert I absolutely insist that you have to order if (when) you visit Tarshish is the ‘warm baklava’, described on the menu as ‘an iconic traditional dessert made from layers of filo pastry and chopped nuts. Served with ice cream’.  Umm, NO! WHYYYYYY do they not inform diners of the fact that actually this is the coolest, innovative dessert that would be better described as a baklava ice cream sandwich?!  The whole table (don’t forget we’re all food bloggers and so kind of know what we’re talking about ;)) loved this dessert and said that it was the standout of the day.  Side note: This is the most Instagrammable thing ever and I’m predicting it’s going to be one of those forces of food that makes foodies flock just to snap a shot of it.  Once you’ve got your shot though, the flavour matches up.  The owner sources the pistachios form Turkey since he thinks they have the best flavour, which only adds to appeal of this dish.  Think authentic, traditional Turkish dessert meets modern, fun-loving London foodies.


It’s worth mentioning that the roof of the upper floor at Tarshish can be pulled back on sunny days to convert the top floor into a terrace, and so my recommendation to you is to head there for brunch on a sunny summer’s day.  Not only will you get banging food for bargain prices, you can sip away on one of the many cocktails they offer on their cocktail menu whilst basking in the sunshine.  Cause I love you guys, I can also share a lil’ secret with you: Tarshish is planning on converting the actual roof into a rooftop bar so you can head on up after your meal which really appeals to my inner lazy gal 😉 Only needing to move my fat ass from feasting on the epic menu, up the stairs to enjoy some more cocktails on the roof sounds like a very appealing proposition to me!


16-20 High Rd
Wood Green
N22 6BX


Monday – Friday
17:00 pm – 00:30 am

Saturday – Sunday
12:00 pm – 00:30 am


Tel: 020 8881 6479

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