Whirld Fudge Review

I’m currently trying to remain fit and healthy (read: attempting in vain to achieve sexy summer bod status) when a delivery of 5 boxes of fudge arrives at my door on Monday morning.  The struggle is real, guys.


Whirld has been whipping up fudge for 18 years, after founder Justine (also the founder of my all-time favourite Burnt Sugar fudge) decided to continue her mum’s tradition of creating delicious, crumby, handmade fudge to share with the world.

Alongside their delicious fudge, Whirld also sell toffee, nougat and honeycomb, and if you want a sweet slice of this artisan action then you’ll have to head on over to their stall at Borough Market where they exclusively flog their products to the public.

To start off, the texture of Whirld fudge is bang on.  You know that chewy fudge you get at the pix ‘n’ mix at the cinema? Yeah it’s not that rank stuff.  This is authentic, luxurious fudge and you can almost taste the love that has gone into making it.  It somehow manages to be this mouth-watering mixture of the crumbly fudge that Burnt Sugar taught me to love, whilst retaining a bit of creaminess to give it that indulgent, satisfying element I’m sure we’re all searching for when opting for this particular indulgence.


Look, there’s not much else to comment on when it comes to fudge apart from the texture and the flavour, so to fill you in, the clotted cream and vanilla flavours were, for me, representative of that old-fashioned fudge with a traditional feel that comes to mind when pondering over the temptation of fudge.  The white chocolate swirl flavour, while delicious, I felt was a bit of a let-down since the white chocolate had just been drizzled on top as opposed to running through the middle of the fudge, and if I’m buying a flavour that predominantly states white chocolate, it’s cause I want to taste white chocolate, but unfortunately the flavour was lost on me.  Finally, the standout was 100% the sea salt caramel fudge.  Salted caramel will always go down a treat with me, and although the box states that ‘a pinch’ of Cornish sea salt has been added, I was thrilled to discover that it seems a fair few pinches more have been added; the fudge was really quite salty which I loved, juxtaposed with the sweet caramel… A match made in gluttonous heaven!


All in all, if you’re heading to Borough market then be sure to go and try some of Whirld’s products.  I’m yet to try their nougat, toffee or honeycomb but if the fudging delicious samples that arrived at my door are anything to go by, I’ll be sure to make a pit stop on my next visit.

Let me know what you think of them if you’ve tried them out!

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