The Banc Review

Hands up, I am, by my own admission, a Central London snob.  Living in the West End has turned me into a lazy foodie who is used to having everything on her doorstep, which is why when I got invited to a blogger’s brunch at The Banc on Sunday there was a resounding groan when I saw the N15 postcode.  N15?! Anyone who knows me knows that King’s Cross is about as northern as I usually go, I don’t tend to venture much further east than Shoreditch, I rarely hop south of the river (unless it’s to go to Clapham – hello Trinity!), and South Ken is my idea of ‘West London’.  Nevertheless, a blogger brunch is always a tempting invitation so I hopped on my 21 minute tube ride, followed by a 7 minute bus ride and was swiftly reminded that 15 N’s away really wasn’t as much of a trek as I had initially thought.  Let the brunch begin.

The Banc is the brainchild of locals Jan and Fabio, and was born in 2011 on the site where an old bank used to exist (makes sense now, eh?)  They serve up an array of burgers, steaks and mediterranean food in a laid-back, comfortable atmosphere adorned with very cool, comfortable chairs made from a hide-style material, may I add.

Being food bloggers, we of course ordered every single starter on the menu so that we could really get to grips with what The Banc is about.  We were served up garlic bread that was smothered in delicious happiness in the form of melted cheese, hummus that was a nice healthy option paired with the toasted pitta it arrived with, grilled halloumi (always a hit with me), prawn skewers and sirloin skewers that I’m happy to report were gloriously juicy and flavoursome, tender chicken wings whose marinade hit just the spot, and calamari that although was pleasant, I would have preferred just slightly more cooked since I love a nice golden, dry, crispy plate of calamari… Yeah I can be quite fussy about that dish in particular.


After stuffing my face with this spread of starters, and as usual not understanding the concept of portion size because I have no control over my greedy desires (the heart wants what it wants… Sorry, not sorry), we moved onto our mains.  Most people went for either a burger or a steak since this is what The Banc is known for, and what we had been recommended, and good Lord was that the right decision.  I went for the biggest steak on the menu (obvs) and felt like a Queen in my throne when this 450g-510g T-Bone steak that was nearly as big as the plate it was sat on, was placed in front of me.  Now this is one of those occasions where I’m really sad that we haven’t yet invented a means of communicating taste over the internet.  Whilst I can post photos of my food porn for you to look at all day long, unfortunately there is no way for me to let you experience this taste porn, so you’re just going to have to take it from me: This steak was BANGING.  The meat was so beautifully tender and juicy, and the flavour was some of the best I have tried in a while.  The beef must have been pretty marbled since these heavenly pockets of fatty flavour (in all the best ways) were tantalising my taste buds no end.  Suddenly N15 didn’t seem all that far away as a cure to my steak cravings.  It’s also worth mentioning that this beast rang in at £24 which is a far cry from the prices I’m used to being charged in the steak houses that reside in Central London.  The burgers here are mostly around £10 too for these huge, jam-packed dishes that you can check out in the photos below.



Yet again, we ordered pretty much every side dish which left me in one hell of a food coma not being able to resist these perfect additions to my main course.  I’d recommend the mac and cheese or the sweet potato fries in particular if you’re going to head on over and think you’ll have room on top of your incredibly generously sized main courses (I of course also polished off the entirety of my T-Bone steak, much to the surprise of my fellow food bloggers whose inner greedy pig is apparently not as alive and kicking as mine is).


After all of this food one would think that there would be no room for dessert, but alas, Fern pulled through.  Check out the dessert platter we got served up:


The chocolate fondant and banoffee pie were my stand out dishes and the Oreo milkshakes that rocked up were the most creamy, sinful additions, though of course super satisfying, just as most sinful things are!


After getting up from the table looking like I was 9 months pregnant with a food baby, I had to call it a day, but there is a two-storey outdoor lounge for a post-lunch/dinner drink or shisha, or you could always head on over to their sister restaurant across the road ‘The Banc Brasserie’, where I hear the coffees are amazing!

So, the moral of the story is that I should stop being such a lazy, Central London snob and instead venture out a bit more since clearly there are some amazing places around offering epic food at an epic price that you just won’t find here in the central hub.

The Banc
Tel: 020 8888 8898
261 – 263 West Green Road
London, N15 3BH

Restaurant Hours
Mon – Thu 17:00 – 23:00
Fri – Sat 12:00 – 00:00
Sun 12:00 – 23:00
Lounge Hours
Mon – Sun 14:00 – 01:30

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  1. Anika says:

    Awesome review and I loved all the photos!


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