Broccoli Pizza and Pasta Review

I walk past Broccoli Pizza and Pasta all the time and have never got round to popping in to see what it’s all about… So, when I had the opportunity tonight to go and try a couple of dishes I was pretty inquisitive what it is that seems to make this place busy every time I go by.

Broccoli Pizza and Pasta opened the doors to their first restaurant in 2011 in Tecom, Dubai and has proven such a hit that they currently have 57 sites up and running, including the recent London addition, and 100 more in the planning stages.  The casual-dining chain provides Italian food at an affordable price and is available both for take-away/delivery and eat-in (although I never would have known this had I not enquired inside since the seating area is located downstairs via a small staircase hidden to the left).

There’s a decent range of pizzas and pastas on offer here, as well as a few salads, soups and breakfast options… But hey, who goes to a pizza and pasta chain to eat a salad? Not me.  All pizzas come available in either small, medium or large size and I would usually of course go for the large, but given that I was also planning on trying another dish, I figured I should probably settle for a medium.  I went for the original margherita pizza, since there was no ham or artichoke available to rustle up what is usually my favourite style, although I could have chosen from a variety of toppings available at the counter had I wanted to.  The lady making my pizza (which you get to see being made in front of you, yay!) was all too happy to make sure my request for a thin crust was seen to, and I noticed all three employees being just as helpful with the orders of whoever else came in… Sometimes I wonder if, when the staff know they’re serving a blogger, the service might not be a true reflection of the usual, but I’m happy to report that everyone seemed to be given just as much care and attention as I was 🙂  The pizza was enjoyable, the base was thin and the crust crunchy, the generous amount of cheese was deliciously gooey and I would definitely grab a pizza here again.  Look, it’s not the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life, but I don’t think it’s trying to be either.  It may not be what I would expect at an upmarket restaurant in mayfair, but it’s good comfort food and does the Saturday night take-away job just fine… Especially at £9.99 for a large with free delivery, I think it’s pretty good value.


The other dish I tried was the beef lasagne.  Broccoli also do both vegetable and chicken versions, but personally I like a good old traditional beef lasagne best.  At £6.99, this was a very generous portion that was not only topped with lashings of delicious bechamel sauce and cheese that had turned gloriously crispy in the oven, but the lady behind the counter proceeded to ensure that there was an avalanche of grated parmesan on top, much to my delight.  I prefer my lasagne to have a lot of mince meat rather than be mostly sauce, and so this lasagne hit just the spot.  Big portion of hearty, meaty, carby, cheesey goodness… It’s a yes from me.


I liked Broccoli, and I would go back if I fancied a quick pizza or bowl of pasta, but it’s definitely a very casual-dining restaurant.  I’d most likely order take away on a Friday or Saturday night as opposed to sitting downstairs in the basement area, and I wouldn’t advise going if you’re looking for any sort of traditional table service dining experience.  As for why it’s called Broccoli, I haven’t a clue.  The website says it’s because they promote healthy eating but I’m not sure my personal trainer would agree that my pizza and pasta binge was really in line with that!

Broccoli Pizza and Pasta

49 Bedford St



 Order by either calling or emailing:

+44 20 7240 0574

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