Creme Egg Wontons

Easter is nearly upon us which means a whole load of indulgence is awaiting in the form of hot cross buns and Easter eggs!! This time of year everyone goes mad for Creme Eggs and Zing Zing have decided to go one step further by turning miniature versions of these glorious goodies into WONTONS.  Yes, that’s right, Creme Egg wontons.  Now I’m not usually the biggest fan of Creme Eggs but when I got offered to try these creations, my curiosity got the better of me and I needed to know what these weird-but-wonderful sounding treats tasted like.  Well, praise the Lord that I had them sent over because these little parcels of indulgence were SUPER satisfying.  The wonton pastry was so light, dry and flaky, while the miniature creme egg inside was still warm and gooey from the genius packaging they use over at Zing Zing for deliveries ❤ These bad boys tasted so naughty but so nice.  My friend and I just stood there staring at each other not really knowing how to put it into words, it was such a strange combination to us that frankly sounded a bit odd at first, but we were both completely sold on this sinful creation that Zing Zing has come up with.  If you’re ordering from them, take a look at my review of their main menu and then make sure you order a portion of this Easter special while it’s still available!

P.s. Sorry that the photo isn’t as good quality as usual, I was so desperate to try these that I snapped away with my iPhone and completely forgot to grab my professional camera!



Zing Zing is open every day 12.00pm – 11pm (10.30pm last orders) and food can be ordered from either their Kentish Town or Highbury & Islington branches :

81 Kentish Town Road
London NW1 8NY
0207 284 4432




142 Blackstock Road
London N4 2DX
0207 226 6664

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