Homeburger Review – Breakfast in Bread


Hungover in bed on Saturday morning, I couldn’t have asked for a better Prince Charming to arrive at my door than the man handing over my Homeburger delivery.  I knew I was getting both a veggie version and a normal version of ‘Breakfast in Bread’, but what a nice surprise to open the (very nicely packaged may I add) boxes to also find portions of the most appetising chips and crispy potato tots that I have seen in a long time!


Usually I would never order something veggie when hungover… I’m much more of a greasy, carb loaded full English kind of gal, but I’ve got to give it to Homeburger, not an ounce of me felt like I was missing out whilst eating this toasted brioche bun filled with a fried egg, cheese, hash brown, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and ketchup.  I LOVE when companies add hash browns to their burgers, and the runny-yolked fried egg, along with the other delicious ingredients I just listed, made for one hell of a representative for the veggie community.


As a side to the veggie burger I had Homeburger’s ‘couch potato tots’, which couldn’t have sounded more apt given my half-zombied, couch dwelling Saturday morning state.  THESE WERE BANGING. Seriously.  So crispy on the outside, yet so deliciously fluffy on the inside, the only thing I would be able to critique was the fact that the website menu states that the flavour of these hash brown-esque balls includes ‘a touch of cheese’.  Now I couldn’t taste any cheese, but I also couldn’t have cared less because I thought they were perfect just the way they were.


I knew it could only get better when hitting the non-veggie Breakfast in Bread, and satisfying is an understatement (pretty sure I let out a very odd noise to the bemusement of my friend when I bit into this baby).  The toasted brioche bun was just as perfect as the veggie version, the hash brown was also just as crispy yet fluffy, the sausage patty was flavoursome, the cheese was gorgeously gooey, the egg and tomato were great and the bacon… THE BACONNNNNNNN.  I am so tired of ordering bacon from places and being served some pale pink, fatty, chewy piece of crap, but praise the Lord, Homeburger pulled through and served up some beautifully crisp, heavenly bacon which was just the cherry on top of my gloriously indulgent Saturday brunch burger.


The side dish of triple cooked chips that arrived FAR exceeded my expectations.  These are the kind of chips you buy in a restaurant, not the soggy, flimsy type that arrive from most delivery services.  So crispy on the outside, but managing to still be so light and fluffy on the inside, if you’re not feeling like potato tots, get your mitts on these.  Or if you’re like me just order both and enjoy the happiness of scoffing on a Faturday morning 😉


To wash it all down I had one of Homeburger’s coffee Oreo milkshakes: Crushed Oreos, cold brewed coffee, vanilla scoops and milk.  What more could you possibly need to top off one of the best hangover cures I’ve had in a long time other than a delicious cold, caffeine filled, chocolatey shake of happiness?!


It’s safe to say that I was obviously super impressed with this delivery, and I would 100% recommend it to anyone who fancies a super satisfying breakfast or brunch bun on a Saturday or Sunday morning.  The fact that Homeburger only has these available to order on Saturday and Sunday morning between 10.30am and 12pm just confirms how much of a hangover fix this is.  Having been so impressed with the Breakfast in Bread burgers, I’m definitely going to be trying out their usual burgers now to see if they match up!


Homeburger is open 7 days a week to order from 12.30pm-10.30pm and their Breakfast in Bread burgers are available to order Saturday and Sunday mornings from 10.30am-12pm.

Order online at Homeburger.co.uk

Order by phone on 020 7700 6008




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