Ping Pong Covent Garden Review (in collaboration with Just Eat)

This year for Valentine’s Day, instead of the usual moping around feeling sorry for my single self, I decided to share the love with one of my best friends and have a Galentine’s dinner at my place, courtesy of Just Eat! 🙂 Ordering from Just Eat is such a breeze, I love that I can immediately see the best rated restaurants in my area according to whatever cuisine I fancy, and so relying on that, we decided to go for a Dim Sum feast and chose the well-known restaurant Ping Pong.  Its first restaurant opened on Great Malborough Street in 2005, and with 8 more restaurants popping up in London ever since, it’s safe to say that I’m not the only one who enjoys their sharing concept menu consisting of Dim Sum of course, alongside fried, griddled and rice dishes.  We wanted to be the greedy lil’ gals we are and try a bit of everything, which I am so happy to say was greatly facilitated by Just Eat’s menu layout where everything is organised by style of dish.


For the Dim Sum we went for the chicken and cashew nut dumpling; a steamed dumpling which we felt was flavoursome (although the chilli described on the menu description wasn’t noticeable).  I like my Dim Sum to have a thin coating, and this particular dumpling was a little too thick for me, making it a bit chewy.  On the other hand, the second dumpling we chose was probably my favourite part of the whole meal: the Seafood Treasure Dumpling.  I would DEFINITELY recommend ordering this if you get to order from Ping Pong before it disappears from the seasonal specials menu!  Described on the menu as ‘scallop, cod, vermicelli, shrimp and mushroom wrapped in a wheat beetroot pastry finished with edible glitter’, I couldn’t not order this Galentine’s-appropriate sparkly red ball of happiness… Not only were they a feast for the eyes, vermicelli noodles inside a dumpling was something I had never tried before but it worked so well, especially with the flavour combinations going on!  Definitely my standout dish of the night.


In terms of meat, we ordered another of the seasonal specials: the smoked sriracha wings, described on the menu as ‘24 hour marinated chicken wings, smoked in cherry wood and served with a tangy tomato chilli sauce’.  This portion was really generous and the marinade on the tender meat was really enjoyable since the spice of the chilli wasn’t overpowering and instead left a really nice warmth in the mouth after finishing.  Another meat dish we chose was the crispy duck roll, which I thought was going to be a bit of a let down when it arrived due to the slightly anaemic colour of the pastry… On the contrary, the texture of the pastry was actually very nice, I just wish the chefs would have left it in the oven a few minutes longer to get that golden look since as we all know, we feast first with the eyes!  The meat inside was plentiful and of good flavour.  The final meat dish we ordered was the roast pork puff: ‘honey-roast pork, puff pastry, glazed with honey, topped with sesame seeds’.  These puffs really reminded me of the venison puffs from Yauatcha (obviously a huge compliment :P) and were seriously nipping at the heels of those Seafood Treasure Dumplings for the prize of best dish.  The puff pastry was deliciously flakey and the generous filling had a gorgeous sweetness to it that worked so perfectly with the pork.


The last dish we ordered was the prawn and scallop sticky rice which unfortunately was quite the disappointment.  While the seafood tasted pleasant, the rice itself was under seasoned and was really nothing to write home about.  I wouldn’t recommend this dish and think the £5.30 price tag could definitely be better spent on another dish on the menu.


Overall, our meal came to £30, which I felt was reasonable for the quantity, quality and diversity of food we ordered.  I live next door to a Ping Pong and so opted for the collection option instead of delivery which meant I got my food in a super speedy 20 minutes!  I think it’s important to remember that as a food blogger I am always thinking so analytically about food and so my criticisms of certain aspects of dishes shouldn’t cloud the fact that I would still recommend ordering from Ping Pong if you fancy a takeaway at home for whatever reason!  My friend and I were going out on the tiles for the night and didn’t feel like spending time cooking and cleaning up afterwards (getting glammed up was definitely our priority for the evening), and so being able to let Just Eat set up the order for us and deal with the communication with the restaurant while we kicked back all relaxed, sipping on our champagne and doing our makeup was definitely quite the treat!


Big thanks to Just Eat and Ping Pong for adding so much love to my Galentine’s Day!


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