Livia’s Kitchen Mini Banoffee Pies

So after trying Livia’s Kitchen’s Raw Millionaire Bites (there’s a previous blog post about those), I was interested in visiting her website to see what recipes she offered for people to try at home.  I had some girls over for the weekend and we fancied some sweet treats without feeling too guilty, so Livia’s Kitchen seemed like the perfect solution.  We ended up making two of her recipes: Mini Banoffee Pies and Raw Peanut Butter Brownies.  This blog post is going to be about the Mini Banoffee Pies, since personally it was my favourite of the two, although both ended up amazing!

So to start off, here is a link to Livia’s recipe for this sweet cheat(ish!) treat so you guys can try it out for yourself, which I seriously reccommend you do!

And here is what my end result looked like:


What I love about these pies, as with all of Livia’s Kitchen’s stuff, is the fact that you can achieve such a naughty tasting treat with no gluten and no refined sugar!  The whole recipe was so simple to make, literally just throwing the ingredients for the base into a blender and then pressing into mini base tins, and then the filling was exactly the same procedure just adding it all to a blender before filling the bases, which don’t need to be cooked or refrigerated or anything since it’s all raw produce 😀 Unfortunately I couldn’t actually get my hands on any almond butter when I was making these, so instead I substituted it for cashew butter and they still turned out great.  I feel with pretty much all of Livia’s recipes the nut butters are interchangeable depending on what you fancy, which just adds to the never ending list of reasons I’m becoming such a fan of hers.  As our own touch, the girls and I decided to sprinkle some Maldon sea salt flakes on top of the pies and I would seriously reccommend doing this if you love the salty-sweet flavour of salted caramel for instance.  For me it really just took the pie to another level!

I actually had a girl’s lunch to go to for the Aintree Grand National that day and so decided to make a big pie version of this recipe for everyone to try, and needless to say it went down an absolute treat.


No one could believe it was refined sugar free and everyone wanted the recipe… So if you’ve got a party to go to and fancy taking something sweet without having to feel so guilty eating it then this is the pie for you!  Also just the fact it was so easy to make, and so quick since there is no baking involved, it is definitely going to be taking up a permanent residency in my book of go-to recipes from now on 🙂 x

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