Goodman Mayfair Review

24-26 Maddox Street,
London W1S 1QH

T. +44 20 7499 3776

This was my first time visiting this renowned steak house, and it did not disappoint. We decided to visit the Mayfair branch, although there are two other branches in the City and Canary Wharf.

Decor: Leather-seated booths, wood-panelled walls and dim lighting make for a superb dining atmosphere here at Goodman; laid back enough to visit with friends, yet at the same time an intimate enough backdrop for the perfect date night.  A lively atmosphere without being overbearingly noisy.

Service: We were seated immediately upon arriving, and the menus were waiting on the table when we sat down.  Our waiter was incredibly efficient and was more than happy to answer any questions we had about the different cuts of meat and what the differences were between the origins of each variety on offer.  He brought over a plate showing one piece of each cut so that we could visually understand the different cuts, and was especially attentive to what sort of flavours we were looking for, visiting the kitchen twice in order to double check what was still available and therefore ensure he could suggest the best option for us.  He succeeded completely as we were more than satisfied with what we were presented for our meal.  Our choice of the Argentinian Malbec from the extensive wine list was topped up regularly and I can’t fault anything to do with the service provided throughout this meal.

Menu: The menu provided a varied selection of starters to choose from, with a surprising amount of fish-based options such as house alder-smoked salmon, and lobster appearing twice in the forms of a bisque and a cocktail.  Two vegetarian options of spinach and ricotta ravioli, and grilled asparagus joined the rest of the selection which included Caesar salad and beef carpaccio.  The one downside is that I had my eye on the pan-fried foie gras from browsing the menu before visiting, which unfortunately did not in fact appear on the menu we were presented with on the night.  In the end, we decided against taking a starter and instead chose to indulge in a larger portion of the steak on offer for main course.

Main course is definitely the reason why people go to Goodman.  The selection of steaks on offer was varied, as is expected in a steakhouse, and the daily cuts are shown on a blackboard hanging on the wall.  The paper menu offers a few alternatives such as fish of the day, whole roasted poussin, lobster and Hardwick lamb, (it is to be noted that there is no vegetarian main course on offer), but let’s be honest… You don’t go to a steakhouse if you’re not going to order the steak.  On the paper menu the Porterhouse, T-Bone, Bone in Sirloin and Bone in Rib-Eye are priced per 100g, with the Goodman Rib-Eye, New York Sirloin and Fillet all appearing at a set price for a set weight.  These are all USDA Angus Beef 150 day corn fed, and a further two Fillet steaks are available from the Lake District where the beef is instead grass fed.  As previously mentioned, the blackboard shows the cuts of the day which include a variety of cuts and origins depending on what takes your fancy.  Side dishes are plentiful with options including a variety of chips, salads, vegetables and the incredible truffled parmesan mac and cheese which surpassed all expectations.

We chose a 700g USDA corn fed Bone in Sirloin and a 250g Lake District grass fed Fillet (both cooked rare) between two people.

700g USDA Corn Fed Bone In Sirloin
250g Lake District Grass Fed Fillet

The corn fed meat is sweeter than the grass fed, and we felt it was a good decision to try the two types in order to contrast and compare.  Both cuts were of excellent quality: tender meat, superb flavour and hot the whole way through (this may sound odd, but I am so tired of restaurants who claim that rare meat will be unavoidably cold in the center; it is just not true).  The sides of truffled chips, steamed spinach and truffled parmesan mac and cheese were portioned so generously that we were unable to tackle more than half of the overall quantity, although I must admit that we spent an extra 15 minutes trying as hard as we possibly could to finish the mac and cheese given that it was that good; we both agreed it was the best mac and cheese we had ever eaten.

Truffled Parmesan Mac and Cheese


Needless to say, after nearly a kilogram of steak and three huge side dishes between us, there was absolutely no room for dessert, although the desserts I saw being eaten by the customers seated at the table next to us looked very appetising.

Overall, the dining experience at Goodman far exceeded my expectations and I will certainly be visiting again.  The price of the meat isn’t the cheapest, which is unsurprising considering the location of the restaurant and the superior quality of the meat, but I believe the value to match the quality and would therefore suggest this restaurant as a fantastic option for a special meal out, perhaps a birthday meal for a steak lover, an anniversary dinner or if you simply feel like treating yourself to an extra special meal.  



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  1. Lauren Marie Dudley says:

    Having just moved back to London due to my new job, I’ve been looking for a new steakhouse to try – and you’ve just sold me on this one. What a beaut!


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